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Big data is the electricity of the 21st century – a new kind of power that changes everything it touches in business, government and private life. The big data revolution will define the next era of business and government. Big data enables an organization to gain a much greater understanding of their user and customer base, their operations and supply chain, even their competitive or regulatory environment. When handled correctly, big data will have a positive impact on the top line and bottom line, enabling better services and better decisions based on improved business intelligence. Organizations can analyze big data to develop and refine sophisticated predictive analytics that can reduce costs and deliver sustainable competitive advantage. oracle_big_data_exa_systems

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In today’s world where effectively harnessing and leveraging the explosive growth in business data is critical to delivering the agility and business insight that the stakeholders expect, most CIOs & business leaders are realizing that the traditional approach to data warehousing is inadequate to address today’s big data demands. Growing corporate flexibility to respond to the insights that big data delivers is putting increasing pressure on information and technology offices to swiftly develop scalable big data applications. What your organization needs is a solution that addresses the big data needs for both business and IT.

Oracle big data analytics can discover and explore new data, analyze it in place to minimize data movement, and offer new insight to decision makers. Oracle brings the benefits of big data to the enterprise with Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Big Data Connectors.

Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2 is a comprehensive Big Data platform, built using industry-standard hardware from Sun, engineered for secure data processing with a low overall total cost of ownership. Read More

It is optimized for both batch and real-time processing – utilizing

• Cloudera’s Distribution for Apache Hadoop (versions 4.x and 5.x) supporting YARN and MR2,      including Cloudera Impala, HBase, Cloudera Search & Apache Spark.

• Cloudera Manager

• Oracle R Distribution

• Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition

• Oracle Big Data Appliance Enterprise Manager Plug-In.

Oracle Big Data Connectors is a software suite that integrates processing in Hadoop with operations in a data warehouse. Designed to leverage the latest features of Apache Hadoop, Big Data Connectors connect Hadoop clusters with database infrastructure to harness massive volumes of structured and unstructured data for critical business insights. Read More

Oracle Big Data Connectors 3.0 delivers a rich set of new features, increased connectivity, enhanced performance, and security for Big Data applications. The components of this software suite are:

• Oracle SQL Connector for Hadoop Distributed File System

• Oracle Loader for Hadoop

• Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapter for Hadoop

• Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop

• Oracle XQuery for Hadoop

Oracle Big Data Connectors work with Oracle’s engineered systems – Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Exadata – as well as with supported Hadoop distributions and database versions on non-engineered systems.

Oracle Advanced Analytics empowers data and business analysts to extract knowledge, discover new insights and make predictions—working directly with large data volumes in the Oracle Database. Oracle Advanced Analytics, an option of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, offers a combination of powerful in-database algorithms and open source R algorithms, accessible via SQL and R languages, and provides a range of GUI and IDE options targeting the spectrum from business users to data scientists. Read More

Oracle Advanced Analytics enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy enterprise analytical applications which are highly scalable and readily integrate with both enterprise business processes and BI environments.

R for the Enterprise to support Statisticians, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists in performing statistical data analysis and advanced analytics, as well as generating sophisticated graphics. In addressing the enterprise and the need to analyze Big Data, Oracle provides R integration through four key technologies: Read More

• Oracle R Enterprise – Integration of R with Oracle Database (also a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option)

• Oracle R Advanced for Hadoop – High performance native access to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce programming framework for R users

• ROracle – An open source R package, maintained by Oracle and enhanced to use the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) libraries to handle database connections

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is a complete enterprise data discovery platform that combines information of any type, from any source, empowering business user independence in balance with IT governance. Read More

This unique platform offers fast, intuitive access to both traditional analytic data, leveraging existing enterprise investments, and non-traditional data, including external and unstructured information. This allows organizations unprecedented visibility into all relevant information, to drive growth while saving time and reducing cost. Only Oracle delivers powerful self-service discovery as part of a complete enterprise platform that offers a framework of governance and standards, enabling faster and more confident decisions, reducing the IT backlog, and increasing innovation.


Oracle Big Data Road Map Services – Our Oracle Big Data Solution Architects along with our business domain experts will help you to define a Big Data strategy for your organization with a future state big data architecture along with developing a strategic roadmap & implementation plan to accelerate adoption of big data for your environment Read More

Oracle Big Data Enablement – Our Big Data Development & Implementation consultants will lead the way in implementing a Big Data solution for your organization & their key activities would typically involve the following.

• Installation & Configuration

• Data Modelling & Algorithm development

• Develop MapReduce code for ETL, data extraction, and data retrieval

• Data Integration

• Map Hadoop architectural components (HDFS, Hive, Pig, Hbase, Sqoop,Flume etc.) to the business       requirements

• Search & Document Indexing

• Development of Visualizations & Analytics

• Integration & Performance Testing

• Security Implementation

Big Data Analytics Insights & Solutions – Our domain experts can help your team in modelling the following advanced analytics solutions on your big data platform:

Marketing Analytics – Marketing Mix, Price & Promotion Management, New Product Incremental, Shelf Space Management, Innovation Drivers, Demand Forecasting, Testing Analytics.

Customer Analytics – Brand Choice Drivers, Attitudinal Analysis, Trip Type & Trip Mission Analysis, Store Clustering, Behavioral Segmentation, Share of Wallet, Acquisition Analysis, Retention Analysis, Cross Sell Analysis, Market Basket, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Marketing Drivers.

Digital Analytics – Web Traffic Analysis, Conversion Analysis, Funnel Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Testing Analytics.

Operational Analytics – Demand / Sales Forecasting, Inventory Management, Stock Replenishment Analysis.