IT Staffing Solutions

We meet our clients’ IT staffing challenges by leveraging the collective experience and expertise of our recruitment team and consultant base.

Since 2007, we have served a number of companies across various industries. At the top of the list are firms specializing in ERP Package Implementation, system integration and software development. Our comprehensive consultant retention program helps maintain a high level of industry skills and enterprise experience within our talent pool.

Our hiring process channels these knowledge assets to ensure clear identification of clients’ IT requirements and thorough vetting of candidate qualifications. We enhance our clients’ ability to respond to opportunities and threats more quickly, save time and money, and eliminate staffing-related headaches.

The Consultant base in our network covers an extensive range of technology expertise, development skills, and IT competencies including:

  • Web/client server
  • Database administration/mainframe
  • Technical architecture development
  • Programming
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical writing
  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise information portals (EIP)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)